Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blurred Golf Ball

Last summer, I thought it would be interesting to try attaching a camera to a golf club and swinging to see what kind of blur effects could be achieved. First off I should confess that I am not a golfer, just married to one.

I briefly considered using a club from a set my husband purchased recently, but then decided that a Bogen clamp screwed tightly could dent a club and found an old one in the basement to use instead. Creating art is important, but so is a harmonious marriage.

Swinging a club with an SLR camera attached was challenging as the camera weight threw off the balance of the swing and fluidity of motion, and trying to fire the cable release at the same time required more than my usual coordination. Still it was fun to play around the with the shutter speed and swing. Posted here is one of the photos where most of the blur occurs around the golf ball.

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