Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Toughest Shoot of the Year

The Karpeles family has a long-standing tradition of non-traditional family photos for our Christmas cards. From shadows on a soccer field, to bare feet sticking through a pile of leaves, to a rowboat on the ground in the backyard, we are challenged each year to come up with a new idea.

This year's concept of chair-ishing your loved ones came from Ryan -- the senior in college with a marketing major. Using an exposure setting of a 10-second delay and a cable release, I manage to jump into position most of the time. But as I'm not behind the camera, I can't keep an eye on what the rest of the family is actually doing when the shutter releases. There have been a few surprises over the years...

Uncooperative subjects voicing complaints about how many shots are taken and how many variations are required are heard annually. I still hold out hope that one day they will look back with fond memories of the family Christmas card production. But until then, "Shut up and smile!"

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Ryan Karpeles said...

Hey Mom. Thought you would find this very interesting:


This is a Getty Images project collaborating with leading designers to showcase the power of visuals through new interactive technology like flash animation.

"In addition to being cool, this is very interesting marketing because it's a way of getting people to interact with their products. Getty Images is a stock photography company. They have a catalogue of thousands of stock images for sale. But catalogues are boring, and unless you know what you're specifically looking for, it's hard to find things. This approach lets you explore and be surprised by finding things you never would have thought to look for. Very smart."